Sightseeing is a popular pastime for anyone visiting or living in Cambodia. 

Historic temples, pristine beaches, boating, fishing, snorkeling, caves, forests, villages and an unspoiled country where things are opening up and the infrastructure improves daily offering more bridges, newer roads to many sights throughout the country. 

Restaurants offer foods which have ingridients from nearby countries and that inlcudes Indian curries, Thai dishes, Vietnamese dishes and Chinese dishes. The food is as delicious as Thai foods which have a reputation worldwide and the main difference being that the meals in Cambodia are not as spicy hot. 

Take in restaurants that specialize in Cambodian foods, or Western foods and be it in a restaurant or in a bar setting that offers pool table, sports from around the globe, expats to chat with, and you will soon see why people like Cambodia.

Unspoiled, new and developing, foods that we love that are delicious and low cost, ability to meet and interact with other foreigners and Cambodian people who seem genuine and friendlier to foreigners than their Thai counterparts. 

Local people are poorer here and thus need and appreciate the US dollar and tourism more than in nearby adjoining countries. This may have something to do with it or the fact that Cambodia is still new and unrecognized by many as a tourist or even a retirement destination. 

We have photo's with descriptions and some stories to share with you about popular activities and places to visit in Cambodia. 

As we get started keep in mind that most guesthouses or accommodations can assist with booking bus transportation or taxi transportation or other transportation within the city or to nearby cities. Even transportation via the waterways be it high speed boat or other.

Photo of one of many bakeries in the city and a flair for pasteries and french breads and buns

Photo of bicycle rental which is common and motorcylce rental is not to be seen anywhere in the city

Photo of attractive Cambodian lady at Hyandai car showing including luxury limo for $ 140,000 US

Photo taken from inside a touk touk near the river which reminded me of man made moat in Chiang Mai

Photo of hotel spa which is popular with the tourists and it has a supermarket which we are familiar with right across the street 

Photo of an intersection in Siem Reap showing timed stop light and low volume of traffic

Photo of Mekon Express bus which is used to get to Sihanoukville, and Phnom Penh

Photo from inside of Mekong Express bus which has hostess, tv, washroom and serves meal and refreshments included in the bus fare 

Photo of Cambodians playing sports at park at riverside in Siem Reap 

There are many bars in Phnom Penh and very few bars in Siem Reap which is what we believe to be more of an retirement destination than Phnom Penh which compares with Bangkok. 

For a retiring female, a retiring couple or family this is a great retirement destination and for a retiring male who is on his own we feel that if they want a female partner for long term relationship or Cambodian wife and know how to go about it then this will be better than Cebu, and even Chiang Mai. 
The majority of our retire clients tell us that they have been there and done that as to the bar scene and it is not important to them. Finding a place that is affordable, safe, quiet, and where one can find a partner if one is a male or female is what matters to our clients. 

Cleaner, fresher air, newer, lower cost of living and sincere Cambodian females who are attractive, and expect less financially compared to Filipina's or Thai females. And that in itself makes you feel better about the relationship. 

This is our top choice as to retirement destinations in S.E. Asia better than Cebu, Philippines and better than even Chiang Mai, Thailand which our clients love. We expect that new clients coming here to retire will fall in love with the city and in time we will even have clients who are retired in Chiang Mai coming here to live.

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