Now that you have decided to buy a motorbike in Cambodia you want to know how best to protect it against being stolen.

The most common protection is lock and key which is put on the wheel. But in our opinion the motorbike can still be stolen with this lock on the wheel.

The best way to protect your motorbike against theft is GPS system in the bike. If your motorbike is stolen you can find out over your computer where it is and also over mobile phone.

In fact some systems let you shut down the engine from your computer or phone.

The system we recommend costs $100 US installed and should also get you a discount on your motorbike insurance.

A good motorbike insurance policy will protect you against theft and will get you the depreciated value of your motorbike back to you in cash if your motorbike is stolen.

Personally, if ? have a motorbike I like then I want to do all that I can do which is affordable to protect the motorbike against theft. I want it back and back fast and without the paperwork, delay of getting my insurance to pay for another motorbike.

Look around for a new bike, wait for new plate, get another insurance policy.. no, thanks. I want my motorbike back and fast.. thank you.

A GPS anti-theft devide will do this for you and is reasonably priced and again gives you Peace Of Mind.

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and we will show you the best place to buy and install the GPS system for your motorbike.

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