The tour starts off with a tour in the countryside to Khmer family house where you will take in delicious home cooked Cambodian meal, fresh fruits, and liquid refreshments. On the way there we will stop off at new, gorgeous Cambodian temple for photo opportunities.


And then on to visit the Khmer family and enjoy lunch

After taking in a delicious meal and meeting the family and more photo opportunities the motorbike tour will proceed to Baray.

Baray is a man made reservoir which is like a lake side setting where one can lay down in covered  hut and enjoy meal or liquid refreshments. And in our case as we have already enjoyed a lunch we will relax for fruits and liquid refreshments and another fantastic opportunity for photos you will treasure.

west baray

After  approximately 2 hr at Baray the tour will proceed back to Siem Reap

Tour will commence at about 8:30 – 9 am

And finish at about 4:30 – 5 pm

At the end of the tour day you will have had nice lunch, refreshments, many photo opportunities, exciting motorbike riding in countryside and to Baray and back to Siem Reap and relaxing and fun time while taking in Cambodian culture.

Our Fee:

Single Rider  (fino, airblade, or scoopy)  $59
Driver and passenger (fino, airblade, or scoopy)  $89 total for both

Single Rider (honda pcx) $69
Driver and passenger (honda pcx)  $99 total for both

To book e-mail us at:

Includes: motorbike rental, helmet, fuel, delicious lunch, water, licensed tour guide(s), covered hut rental, parking fee for motorbikes at Baray.


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