Very few Cambodians who own motorbikes have proper insurance so if you involved in an accident with a Cambodian chances are you will be at fault.. that is the way it works in Thailand and that is the way it works in Cambodia..

because you cannot speak the language and the other party if at fault will palm some monies to the police to make sure they are not at fault.

In Thailand we spoke with some Filipinas who were teaching there and they knew the Thai language and were involved in a motorbike accident and were found to be at fault. When we spoke to them they said the police wanted a thousand dollars to compensate other motorbike owner but settled for less because they knew the Thai language.

So to start with we suggest you get a motorbike insurance. You can get a low cost policy covering you in case you hit anything or anyone and the policy is about $50 which is the minimum amount a policy can be written for. Does not cover anyone hitting you or damage to your bike but at least you get some peace of mind that will not be liable for any big payout.

A better policy is one that covers you and your motorbike and even covers your motorbike against theft. This policy is about $150 US.

We will explain to you how and where to get these policies and if you need a drivers license or not to be insured.

And we will explain rules of the road as to driving motorbikes and what to expect and what to watch out for.

And we will also show you how to protect your motorbike against theft.

We find it about the same here as in Thailand and normally safe and honest people but there are many poor people around and some resort to stealing motorbikes for a living.

So why take chances when you can protect your investment at a low price and even get a price break on your insurance policy by doing so.

For anyone interested in buying a motorbike be it used or new in Siem Reap simply contact us at:

and we will help you find the best bike for you and explain why, get you the lowest price, explain insurance policies, and also cover off ways to protect your motorbike.

Over 90% of our retire clients who retire here to Siem Reap buy new or used motorbikes and they are glad they did.


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