There are only several websites dealing with long term accommodations in Siem Reap, Cambodia and to be honest with you, listings are few and far between and often outdated and without sufficient photo's or information to generate interest.

For the benefit of our website visitors and clients we thought we would devoted sufficient effort towards this area as everyone staying in Siem Reap needs accommodations and retiree's need long term accommodations.

Long Term AccommodationWe have viewed houses and apartments and created a full webpage for each listing with sufficient photo's and information about each listing.

Long term accommodations can be had from guesthouses, apartments, and house rentals.

House and apartment rentals require 2 months deposit plus first months rent. The security deposit is returned at the end of the rental period if nothing is missing or damaged and normal wear and tear is fine.

And best to deal with an owner who will return your security deposit in full and not try to make deductions which are not warranted and this happens in Chiang Mai, Thailand and will happen here as well.

Two beds

Two bedroom, 3 a/c, kitchen, 2 ensuite baths, nice computer chair, tv, kitchen with 2 burners and propane tank, 2 balconies.
  Outside photo of above 2 bedroom apartment.

Outside photo of above 2 bedroom apartment.
$280 US and cable tv is normally around $5 US/month and internet can be installed. Tenant is responsible for water, power based on usage.
We were favorably impressed with quality, size and good value at $280 US a month.
          Photo of 5 bedroom house for $500 US a month.

Photo of 5 bedroom house for $500 US a month.

Great bargain?

Actually this could be a good bargain and we will explain why.

There are bad deals, good deals, and great deals and you have to visit each accommodation in person or be working with someone you trust and also have someone who can speak Cambodian who can negotiate on your behalf.

And there is a 2 price system here.

One price for Cambodians who know the right price and have shopped around and one price for foreigners who are willing and capable of overpaying and not being able to negotiate.

Simply email us at:

and tell us when you are arriving, how long you are staying and the accommodations type you prefer.. guesthouse, house rental, serviced apartment or hotel.

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