Living anywhere in the world is what you make it !!!

This is what we have said on our Philippines retirement website and our Thailand retirement website and the same holds true for Cambodia.

Things have changed immensely over the past decade and we feel that Cambodia will overtake both Philippines and Thailand as a retirement destination for foreigners from around the globe looking for affordable living, safe environment, prompt access to healthcare and generally a setting where one can enjoy one's "Golden Years".

One person living in your shoes may be happy as can be while another completely miserable. Part of our demenour is due to money or lack of it and part is attributable to our own attitude.

We suggest to our Retire clients to get into good habits when they start their retirement living.

Get regular exercise be it walking or working out in a gym and swimming which is great for the joints. A regular exercise program that is not too demanding and enjoyable combined with keeping the brain active for as they say.. use it or lose it.

This together with eating healthy foods and refraining from drinking to excess will get the body more energy.

And for the single men finding a nice Cambodian or Vietnamese girlfriend will make you feel years younger and will having you doing more be it sightseeing, shopping, visiting her family and friends with her and more sexually active as well.

Reduce the stress levels wherever possible. Most retiree's love to watch and play the stock markets and foreign exchange markets but this is stressful and will take it's toll on you and you will take it on your family or friends.

IF you don't need the money keep stock watching and trading to a minimum and enjoy your retirement. Bad habits are hard to break and we are pleased to say that we have AA members as clients and they have refrained from drinking, regularly attend meetings and we congratulate them for realizing they have a problem and in dealing with it successfully.

Cambodia has many beaches from pristine waters to crowded polluted waters. Wherever you live in Cambodia you will have easy access to great beaches and having a lovely Cambodian girlfriend with you as your guide, and companion will have you wondering why did not retire sooner.

For single men or single women and couples Cambodia is a great place to retire and for families with children we think there are International Schools here in Cambodia but not as exhaustive of supply and selection as compared to Thailand or Philippines.


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The movie theatres are popular places to visit and when you find it getting hot and you want something to do you can put on your air conditioner and watch tv at home or visit the nearest mall.

For the single men who meet Cambodian girlfriends, do things that your girlfriend enjoys even if you have not tried it. And that could be a few hours in a karaoke with some of her friends singing and eating fried insects and downing some San Miguel beer, or meeting her friends and family in her home village and gaining a perspective on how she was raised and Cambodian culture and family values.

Keep your girlfriend happy as she will be the key to whether you as a single male retiree living in Cambodia are happy or not.

If you are not a male with a Cambodian girl or lady as a girlfriend consider hiring a maid. The cost can be $100 US/month and well worth it.

While the foods are delicious the custom in Asian countries is less meat, more vegetables and more fruits. You will find yourself losing weight without trying and yet eating very well.

If you like Thai foods then you will enjoy Cambodian foods also which are less spicy and often made with similar ingridients.

We have dedicated a full page to Cambodian foods and also to Things to do in Cambodia.

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