School Siem ReapThere are a number of International Schools in Siem Reap where one can learn English, acquire TEFL certificate, obtain computer training, and more.

The costs are very low and for English courses for my Cambodian girlfriend the courses which span 11 weeks from Monday to Friday and 1 hr per day cost $59 US and about $8.50 for a book which will be required during the course study.

Since I have been in Siem Reap I have spoken to about a dozen Cambodian ladies who speak English on a limited basis to very well. The all told me that they attended an English school and from I see after 3 months of classes of 1 hr. a day the results were excellent.

Not only could they speak and understand English but they knew the alphabet and could read and write English.

For anyone coming here to retire and settle down with a Cambodian girlfriend or Cambodian wife I would highly recommend enrolling the girlfriend or wife in one of these schools.

The school which happens to be nearest to us is New York International School and I have 2 photos which I took of the school on this webpage.

NYIS Siem ReapI have not yet met anyone here who has taken a TEFL course in Siem Reap and cannot comment in that regards other than saying that I expect the cost of the tuition to be very low and if they can provide the same results as the English courses then it will be an excellent investment.

New York School is located just south of National Road 6 and 1/2 block off Sivutha Rd.

When I first visited the school it looked a bit run down and I wondered if they were doing well financially or not. But after going there many times and waiting for my girlfriend to complete here English class I can say that there are many children enrolled at the school and buses and parents constantly bringing pupils and their children to the school.

The school has at least 3 of it's own vehicles from a bus to 2 mini vans and these transport students to/from the school and their homes.

When I see parents dropping off their children at the school I can see that schooling is very important in the eyes of the parent and some of the children are a bit apprehensive when they arrive. But they are dressed in clean clothing, and often in school uniforms with back pack and parents give the children 25 cents to 1 dollar for them to buy themselves a meal or snack.

There is a demand for qualified English teachers here in Siem Reap and I have seen adverts posted on the school's bulleting board and elsewhere including several websites.

And I would expect that there would be some demand from parents who are a bit more affluent for private lessons for their children.

Siem Reap reminds me of Chiang Mai as they are both cities that are reliant on tourism. And thus there must be people who realize that with improved English skills that they can earn more monies from tourism and thus be willing to take private English lessons.

Working in Cambodia is much simpler than any other country that I have visited or read about. No working permit is required, no special visa and just to be qualified with references.

So definately an opportunity for someone who intends to live here to earn money and not require special permits or visa's.

School Siem Reap

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