When I first moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand the cost of the internet was about $33 US a month for about 512k speed and the internet was very unreliable. The internet could be down for days at a time and the record was 10 down days in a row.

And then with added competition and improvements in technology and hardware the speeds improved and costs stayed about the same.

It took about 4 years to move from 512k speed at about $33 US a month to 4 mb speed at about $ 12 US a month.

Internet up time is about 99% from what I have experienced in Chiang Mai.

The reason we are referring to Chiang Mai is because we see the same progress in hand here in Siem Reap, Cambodia as was made in Chiang Mai. In fact we expect the improvement to higher speed will be even faster and we will get the same speed for about the same price as what we had in Thailand.

There are numerous internet cafes in Siem Reap and speeds range from slow to acceptable to reasonably quick depending on the cafe you select. Not blazing fast speed but adequate to check and send emails. The price for most internet cafes is .50 cents/hour and cafes have scanners and printers.

Internet providers in Siem Reap:

Camintel -
$89 US for 512k and $149 for 1 mb plus deposit of $50 on lower speed and $100 on higher speed which is returned if account is not behind in payments. Installation is free and router can be about $30 or free with speed of 512k or greater.

Camshin -
Amazed by poor quality of website and would not even bother to rate the service provider based on unacceptable website.

Camnet -
Prices are not shown on the website and often this occurs when there are ongoing price reductions. In this case price shown on their literature has been discounted and currently stands at $45 US for 512 k and $90 US for 1 mb plus 10% VAT

Three main providers that we have seen and visited. Yearly contract is required in Thailand whereas here in Siem Reap, Cambodia month to month is fine and no yearly contract required.

We expect the speeds to double and prices to come down within 1-2 years (currently July, 2012). And as at April l2016 prices have in fact come down to $12 US/month for 4 mb with options up to 12 mb and good discounts if you prepay.

Staff speaks English and is friendly enough and locations are convenient and payments can even made at these head offices/sales office.

Many places in Siem Reap where free wifi or wifi hotspots are available. One can purchase a prepaid card and use at some of these locations.

At the accommodations where we are staying and have resided in for the past 5 weeks we have wifi available and would rate it as 90-95% uptime, acceptable speed and noticeable decrease in speed when it is busiest time of the day when other guests return to their accommodations. This was also very noticeable in Chiang Mai, Thailand and best to avoid the 8 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 6 pm time periods.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand we found that new accommodations had the newest and best wifi hardware and offered the highest speed, lowest price and best uptime.

We expect the same to hold true for Siem Reap as well.

When you come here to stay short time or long time select accommodations that are very new and they should provide the best internet.

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