In Cambodia an attractive young lady will want to get married to you and would not be interested in a short term relationship or even a long term relationship without being married.

This is something new to foreigners and they often do not understand the girl's motives.
The girl and her family and her friends will look down on her if she was to move in with a foreigner and not be married with him. It would also make it difficult for her to find a marriage partner in the future.
We understand that our clients are fearful of getting married, that they do not understand the requirements or costs.

To summarize matters for our clients and website visitors a foreigner is not allowed to legally marry a Cambodian woman in Cambodia if the man is over 50 years of age.

If the man is over 50 years of age you can have a make believe marriage.. all but the legalities. This would involve a dowry to the parents and they refer to this a "party" and not wedding. Money for the party.

This could range from several thousand dollars to over twenty thousand dollars and depends on the girl or lady you select and your bargaining abilities.

From what we have seen you are more likely to have a poor girl be willing to marry you as this would bring financial security to her family and to her.
And we think that the costs for the party which would include a meal for the family and friends of the prospective bride ($100), ring to your wife ($100), wedding photo's ($25), misc. costs ($50), and dowry to family of $1,000 up front and monthly of $ 100-300 should be sufficient.

Very reasonable indeed and a fraction of what one would pay in North America just for an engagement ring.

The Cambodian girl or lady would be faithful to you, loving, and look after you in a manner that would keep you happy. And if you did not cheat on her, or fail to hold up your financial committment then we expect that the relationship would endure for the long term..

And for a retiree who is in his 50's or 60's this is much more than they can get in any other country.

The Cambodia wife would speak limited English and enrolling her into a local English school for 3 months for 1 hr. a day would only cost $29 US plus $9 for the book. and $59 US for 3 month semester for 3 hours a day plus $9 for the book. The teachers do an excellent job and you will be surprised at how quickly she can learn to speak and also write English.

Talk is cheap and there are numerous Asian introduction and dating sites. But in reality this is the best way to go and also the lowest cost. I arrived in Cambodia and do not speak the language and it is my first time here and a photo of my gf-wife is shown below and also several other Cambodian girls that I met who I liked and in less than a month I had my choice of 4 attractive Cambodian ladies who I believe were interested in a long term relationship, marriage (or make believe marriage).

If you find the right Cambodian girl or lady and you are a single male who intends to live here for most of the year or for the entire year then you will be very happy indeed with your attractive, caring wife (real or make believe).
In Chiang Mai the girls tend to know the ropes and have motorbikes and mobile phones and are better off financially as compared to the girls here and that makes it more difficult and more expensive to find a Thai wife or gf.
The girls here tend to be more sincere and poorer and less experienced with foreign men and that works in your favor and is one of the key reasons we feel that Siem Reap, Cambodia is a better place to retire than Cebu and even Chiang Mai.


24 years of age, very attractive, speaks some English and very charming.

If one is looking for a gf or a wife in Cambodia then we can offer advice, tips which will save you money and help you get the results you want.

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