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Teeth Whitening:

From our research teeth whitening procedures offered by dental clinics are either trays which can be purchased over the counter or a fitted tray made by the dentist,
laser whitening which is faster than alternate methods and produces very good results.

Here in Siem Reap most clinics offer the tray method as they likely have not acquired the most modern equipment which is required for laser whiteninig.

Our cosmetic surgery clients ask us for our recommendations and we only recommend clinics that use the most modern techniques and have the most modern equipment.

Trays, whitening strips and gels can take numerous applications and considerable time to get the desired results which can vary based on your own technique.

That is why we recommend laser whitening as proven results, no time wasted and well worth the cost.


      Bridges are a common method in dentistry now used to add teeth between missing teeth. The bridge is fastened over the gapped area by way of crowns which is at each end of the bridge.
      Very common method and one that produces the desired results which include ability to chew more properly, appearance by way of smile and improved facial tone.
      The gap filled can be one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.
      Bridges have gotten expensive and run $5-10,000 dollars on average. And it takes multiple visits to your dentist to have a bridge in place. This could involve root canals, crowns and then the bridge and likely to take between 4 to 8 visits from start to finish.
      What we have found is that bridges will last five to ten years and to have a bridge replaced is pricey as the old bridge has to be removed.
      IF you are in need of a bridge do look into implants which are a more permanent solution and will pay for themselves over time and and not necessitate replacement and additional costs as is the case with even good bridges.
      And while you wait for your final bridge to be created you will be fitted with a temporary bridge.


      Veneers are custom made from porcelain and are bonded to your current teeth. Ideal for teeth with gaps in between, discoloured teeth, uneven teeth or chipped teeth.
      Advantages are reasonable cost, they can 10 years or more, eassy to repair, and almost painless procedure.
      Disadvantages are that it is mainly a procedure used for teeth that are not used for biting such as 4-6 upper front teeth. Works more for appearance rather than functionality.
      Many or most actors and actresses now have fantastic smiles as a result of 2-6 teeth which had veneers added. And go with veneers that are similar in colour to your existing teeth.


Dental implants is a newer procedure which produces the longest lasting results. That is the major advantage and the major disadvantage has been cost and time to complete the procedure.

Of course if you come to Siem Reap to get this procedure done then you will get a great deal compared to your cost of having the work done in most other countries.

The procedure is suitable to people who have dentures and want something permanent. Suitable for people who have bridge and again want something more permanent. And other advantages are that implants allow for chewing, biting and eating anything you want without fear your denture will fall out or you will chip or damage a veneer.

To qualify for this procedure one has to bee in good health. The procedure can take 4-6 months to complete but once again we stress that it produces long lasting results that are closest to having one's original natural teeth.

Implants can virtually last a lifetime or close to it. We have clients who come to Siem Reap for his procedure and we book accommodations near the clinic we recommend and not only do you save on your medical procedure but you get comfortable, affordable accommodations during your stay and an opportunity to enjoy Chiang Mai.

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