In Chiang Mai the bars are very small in size and generally run by a Thai girl in the bar whereas Cambodian bars are often often by expats from England, Australia and USA. These bar owners at times have attitudes so don't judge all the bars by one rotten apple.
Karaoke in Vietnam is to be avoided at all costs due to the "Very high Costs" and unless you know your way around and are with local Cambodians we suggest avoiding the karaoke scene altogether. In Chiang Mai most of the karaoke bars have lovely ladies out front and little or nothing goes on behind the scenes and costs are high and prohibitive. We have been with local Thai's to karaoke establishments that they frequent and this is altogether different. No ladies in mini skirts, and fair prices and real karaoke.

Whether you are in Sihanoukville which is a beach resort town, or Siem Reap which is a smaller laid back town, or in Phnom Penh which is the capital nightlife or bar scene is similar. You may even come across some Russian bars. Whereas in Chiang Mai going to bars, leaving bars, enjoying bars and drinks and ladies and free pool it is very safe and we have never witnessed any fights or arguments. This cannot be said for bars in larger cities in Thailand or in Cambodia.

There are many bars to choose from and on your first night out stay a shorter time and visit more bars until you find the one you really feel comfortably in and enjoy and that includes the service, prices and management.

Cambodian cities have night markets where you can purchase silks, silverware, coins, miniature Buddha's, crafts, tshirts, copied DVD's etc. and generally the prices can be bargained and the quaility is worth the price. Credit cards are not accepted and US currency is used more than Cambodian Riel and bring lower denominations.

There are gay bars, disco's, live Cambodian, Filipino, Western bands, and expat bars. We suggest avoiding bars that cater to Cambodians, and to get a reliable moto (motorcycle taxi) in the evenings.

Massage parlors are fronts for prostitution and whereas in Thailand you can get a therapueutic Thai massage or a sensual oil massage by someone who knows what they are doing you will find that massage parlors in Cambodia are massage and spa and no extra's or else fronts for prostitution. In Thailand you had your choice of straight massage establishment, and naughty massage with sex on premises and varying degrees of extras in between the two categories.

Night Life

Only 2 western style bars that I have seen in Siem Reap.

One of them is the Blue Wave Bar, and photo was taken at about 10 pm, and brightness inccreased.
Red Piano

And the other bar is Mikey's and again a small bar with pool table and normally a some Westerners as customers and about 5 Cambodian girls working there from what we have seen.

It is low season now being June and yet the streets have many tourists, buses full of Chinese or Vietnamese and people look happy and are enjoying themselves.

There is an actual street called "Pub Street" and it has a variety of restaurants featuring Cambodian food, pizza's, grilled food and much more to pick from.

Kindo of looks like Latin Quarter in New Orleans.
In this photo is "Red Piano" which is a popular restaurant and across the street is a 2 storey restaurant with pleasant music from live Filipino band playing music from the 60's and 70's.

And everywhere we look people are smiling and happy and enjoying themselves.

Pub Street Siem Reap

In my opinion the few bars and all the restaurants are in close proximity of each other and it is a great place if I had a date or with friends.

But for a single person on their own Chiang Mai would be more suitable for nightlife.

If you are young and single you will like Phnom Penh more as there are more bars, more bar girls and much more nightlife.

If you are a couple, a family then you will love it here in Siem Reap.

If you are a male retiree on his own and looking for short term companionship then this will work for you and if you are a male retiree intent on finding a girlfriend or Cambodian wife then you will be successful here on your own.

For Retire clients that are males and looking for a long lasting relationship with a sincere, attractive Cambodian lady we can show you how to go about it and introduce you to ladies as we know how to go about it, where and have translators (most of the Cambodian girls speak little or no English).

It all depends on why you are here and if you are on your own, or a family or couple and what your intentions are.

Not a place for the young person who wants exciting nightlife but a great place for a retiree who is male and single and has the right contacts for meeting Cambodian ladies.

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