If you are going to live in Cambodia long term then buying a used or new motorbike is something we would recommend to most retiree's. The exceptions would be those people that have physical limitations, bad eyesight, or at an age where they do not have the confidence to drive a motorbike/scooter.

When we refer to motorbike we mean a motorbike sometimes called a scooter with 110 cc to 150 cc engine, preferably electric start and preferably automatic which is simple to driver.

The cost of local city transportation is cheap compared to Western countries. A trip from one point to another withing Siem Reap would normally run $1-2 US in a touk touk which is comfortable and protected from rain.

But taking a touk touk daily for shopping, dining, outings will add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of a single month. So best to own a motorbike as cost of fuel and operating costs for a months driving and ownership for scooter is about $20-25 vs. $100-200 for using touk touk.

And owning a motorbike would enable you to do and see more.
Only recently have motorbikes been made available for rent in Siem Reap. In the past no motorbike rentals, and to protect touk touk trade. Electric scooters with limited power and range are available for rental at $12/day and also older yamaha fino motorbikes.

The first choice you would have is should I buy NEW or buy USED?

Well, a good new bike automatic would run about $2,000 and a good used bike about $1,200. IF you are new to the city then you can buy used, and if you intend to stay long term then trade in the used bike or a new one or for those of you with Cambodia gf give her the used bike and you get a new bike for yourself.

The second question is type of bike and engine size?

There are few large engine motorbikes in Siem Reap as the power is not needed, few bikes drive the major highways outside of the city, the large engine bikes are very pricey as they are taxed more due to engine size, and also harder to repair bike as few dealers here carry the parts or can do proper maintenance.

The motorbikes we higly recommend are Yamaha Fino automatic, Honda Scoopy automatic, then Honda PCX 150 and after that Honda Dream.

The best and highest recommended motorbike is the Honda PCX150. Great mileage, better power, better comfort, and looks great and easy for gf to drive.

The price of these bikes was $4,000 ? and that is much more than in Thailand as the taxes are much higher here in Cambodia. But Good News!!

Looks like the major purchasers of these bikes cannot sell them due to high price so it appears that they will be taxed less in the future. In fact it will be a great deal on a bike you will love and which has the best reviews of any bike in it's class. The current asking price of a new 2016 PCX150 is $3150 US and that comes with new smart key feature.

Next question is Where can I buy a good used or new motorbike?

You have to be careful as some dealers sell bikes without plates and could be stolen. You should only buy a motorbike where dealer will get it in your name and with a plate, and after you check ownership card bike details versus what is on the actual bike.

We have shopped around and compared dealers and looked at their bikes and prices and gotten some recommendations from bike purchasers and have made our decision as to which bike shop we would buy from.

IF you want to buy a new or used motorbike in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh then simply e-mail us at and we will help you out.

We have also checked out insurance rates offered by a number of insurers in Siem Reap, and checked out licensing, ownership details and we know all the requirements.

IF you buy a bike with our guidance you will have peace of mind knowing you have a good bike, very good price, that you have purchased insurance or at least are aware of the details, and that the bike will be legally yours.

And also should you even decide to sell your motorbike you can also contact us as our clients are looking for motorbikes and are willing to pay you more than what you would get from a bike dealer.

In Siem Reap the traffic is much less compared to Phnom Penh and it is easy to drive around town.

And you will feel great driving your own bike and having that feeling of freedom and doing it for less than half the cost of renting a touk touk.

And as a final note we will show you how to the best ways to protect the motorbike against theft.

Photo's of Yamaha Fino, Honda PCX150, Honda Scoopy are shown below.

NOTE: We have just returned to another trip to Phnom Penh to look at larger, more powerful scooters and big bikes and can say this to our readers. DO NOT BUY a big bike in Phnom Penh unless you do research on the motorbike shop or dealer.

dishonest dealers even dishonest nice looking shops

and due to inability of getting service done when required or when motorbike needs major work

Honda dealerships in Cambodia will not even do regular maintenance work on Forza or larger and will NOT HONOR warranties on these larger scooters and more powerful motorbikes.

Retire on 650 will be starting up a small motorbike club here in Siem Reap in the near future. Goal is to unite those who want to travel and enjoy riding motorbikes together for safety, for friendship, and to make ownership and repair of motorbikes more accessible and lower in price.

Motorbikes should be 150cc and larger.. recommended are PCX150, Honda Faze 250 and Honda Forza 250. We will show you how and where to buy and also how to get the best service and maintenance.

Trips will be planned for each month of the year and include destinations like Poipet (visit casinos), Sihanoukville (visit beaches), Kampong Thom and Kampong Chang (nice relaxing small towns) and also trips to Thailand - Pattaya and Phuket.

We will provide advice as to buying a motorbike, getting insurance which is important if one wants to go to Thailand by motorbike, getting Cambodian drivers license and this is required to get insurance on motorbikes which are over 125 cc, and also advice on customizing, maintenance, and service work.

As there are larger and more motorbike repair shops in Pattaya and Phuket we will combine pleasure trip there with chance to service and maintain motorbike at local shops.

We expect that most of our members will be over 50 yr of age but any age is welcome to join.

If you are interested in becoming a member of a new motorbike club in Siem Reap for reasons described above then just send us an e-mail at ..

Just e-mail -




The Honda Dream was the motorbike which almost everyone had, and 5 years ago people starting buying automatics like Honda Scoopy and now the rage is the Zoomer.

While it is popular for Khmer it is not designed for foreigners and that is why we recommend motorbikes that fit your height and weight, give you more power, great on mileage and more suited for foreigners.

Many Westerners come to Siem Reap looking a large motorcycles as this is what they had back home. Well, if you try to import a Harley to Cambodia it will cost you more in duty and taxes and freight than what you bought it for. And it will prove difficult getting parts and service.

There are many new/used motorbike dealers in Siem Reap but they used to mainly sell Honda dreams and then scoopies and now zoomers. To get the right motorbike/scooter one has to look at what is available in Phnom Penh. Either visit in person or have an agent go there and buy the bike you want and bring it back for you.

Retiree’s tend to own scooters and that is their way of getting around. It is the most economical transportation, the fastest, the easiest to drive and park.

Very very few retire clients buy cars or pick ups and that is  a fact of life.

After you retire here and settle in you will see that a scooter is the way to go. We help with licensing, insurance, driving tips and even rentals so that you can try a few different types of bikes before you buy. 

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