For the benefit of our website visitors and retire clients we have rated and listed the "Best Introduction Website in Cambodia" which happens to be the Best Introduction Website in Asia as well. In this day and age of everyone having their own computer and with many businesses having an online presence it makes it easier for people to shop on line even for Filipina girlfriends, and Filipina wives.

Our rating is based on criteria which we fell is important such as length of time in business, services offered, cost of services, evaluation of website, and at times even response time to information requests.

After doing our research we could not find any real introduction websites located in Cambodia. Yes, there are websites appearing with names which would indicated they perform such as service but after hours of research not one that provides available ladies from Cambodia by a service located in Cambodia.

If you want to meet a Cambodian girl or lady for a long term relationship or marriage then you have to come here in person. No prolonged email correspondence as the girls here do not have their own computers nor can they afford internet or cost of sending emails back and forth.

And with introduction services we have seen in Thailand we find that many ladies with not write back to you if they do not like you, many ladies are not real, some ladies are former bar girls that pay to be on the service hoping to meet a wealthy foreigner, and some girls are only on the service as they want to extract money from the person they are corresponding with.

IF you are interested in meeting a sincere Thai, Cambodian or Filipino lady best to visit the country and establish contacts or visit the introduction service in person.

Plan on staying for a month as you have to meet some ladies, meet their families and friends. Do your research regarding immigration policies and procedures as many Western countries will not allow foreign brides to enter the country or make it very difficult.

In some cases you have to show prolonged correspondence, that you have visited her country once or more, dating and proof of marriage.

Not easy and when you bring the foreign bride to your home country she often does not speak the language, has to get used to the colder weather, and does not have any friends.

Our clients are retiree's who intend to live in Cambodia and that makes a big difference to the Cambodian ladies as they can stay with family and friends and eat foods they like and are in their comfort zone.

Asian women make great wives and girlfriends as they do not expect much financially, are reliant on you for financial support, and they are family oriented.

In Thailand and Philippines we reviewed dating and introduction websites and listed them for the benefit of our clients but in Cambodia there are no such services that we would trust or use based on our research.

IF you want to come here to retire we assist our male clients find a girlfriend or wife for long lasting relationship and explain how to go about it. We realize that a man retiring does not want to live alone or be lonely and one of the reasons they retire to S.E. Asia because of the liklihood of finding a female companion with whom to share their retirement life.

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