For the benefit of our website visitors and retire clients we have rated and listed the "Best Dating Websites in Cambodia". In this day and age of everyone having their own computer and with many businesses having an online presence it should make it easier for people to shop on line even for Cambodian girlfriends, and Cambodian wives.

Our rating is based on criteria which we fell is important such as length of time in business, services offered, cost of services, evaluation of website, and at times even response time to information requests.

After hours of scouring the internet and doing the best and most thorough research we could we do not see any dating websites in Cambodia. Yes, there are search results in Google, and the websites have names indicating that they are involved in dating, matchmaking, friendship and we find them to be a total waste of time when we go to the actual website.

One website has only males, one website shows no search results for females for Phnom Penh the largest city in Cambodia, and yet another website has girls from other countries but none from Cambodia.

So in all honesty we would not waste our time with a website that is not located in Cambodia but has photo's of some Cambodian ladies, we would not waste our time with sites that cannot offer females, and females from the largest city in the country.

Cambodian ladies are poor and do not own computers and most cannot afford to go to internet to communicate regularly with males.

And if you think a gorgeous Cambodian lady who can speak English and has a computer would be interested in you then think again.

Men who come here in search of foreign brides or for girlfriends for long lasting relationships find poor girls or ladies and ones that cannot speak English. They pay a dowry to the parents and often teach their girlfriend or wife how to speak English or send her to an English school and that is how things begin and advance.

Currently enacted laws here do not allow Cambodian women to marry foreigners over 50 years of age.

Relationships and courtship here as in Thailand do not involve romance, and dating as we know it and true love but are rather financial arrangements. But realizing that there is often a wide disparity in ages with the foreign man being older or much older than the Cambodian wife or girlfriend relationships work when both uphold their part of the deal. The woman provides loving, cooking, nursing, cleaning and the man provides financial assistance.

IF you are interested in a wife from Cambodia then you should visit here and meet some girls or ladies and meet their families and make your choice. You should be prepared to live here as getting a visa for your girlfriend or wife in your home country may not be a simple matter. And most of the Cambodian women would prefer to stay here in Cambodia in their comfort zone with family nearby, friends nearby and eating foods that they love.

That is the reality of the situation as we see it and we have lived in Thailand, visited Philippines and are now in Cambodia.

Take off the blindfold and quit dreaming and understand the reality of a foreigner/local relationship. See it as a financial arrangement and if that is ok with you and you are prepared to live here then great. You can find someone who will be faithful and loving to you and who will bring you happiness.

Our services advises our retire clients on relationships between foreigners and Cambodian women and can assist in the matchmaking process as well.

If you are interested, have good intentions and want to live here for most of the year or the full year then simply email us about yourself and when you intend to arrive and you can ask us any questions you may have.

We do not offer a sex service, nor do we offer a dating service or short term relationship service.

We help our male retire clients meet sincere Cambodian ladies with the intent of a long lasting relationship often without getting married and for clients who intend to reside in the Siem Reap area.

Thailand, Philippines, Cambodian and generally countries in S.E. Asia where the girls are poor, and uneducated they do not have the means to communicate with you (computer, internet due to cost) or ability due to lack of English skills.

If you find a service that offers attractive, young ladies from S.E. Asia who can communicate in English and are interested in communicating with you, meeting you, and having a relationship then I would think twice before proceeding.

There are many scams out there where the girls are not real and the ones that are real are not who they pretend to be. They may be much older and using photo of friend or family member and will soon be asking you for money for one apparently good reason or another.

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