For Westerners looking to retire to Cambodia and not wanting to live alone in retirement we will offer our advice as to Where to Find a Girlfriend or Wife in Cambodia.

The worst place is on line as compared to Thailand and Philippines there are very few dating and introduction services on line. That is good as we are not believers in Dating and Introduction services. Not a single retire client of ours has located a girlfriend or wife using a dating or introduction service in Thailand.


Most dating and introduction services we have investigated in Thailand and especially from Russia are scams. Phony photos, ongoing fees, and phony correspondence.

The next worst place to find a Cambodian girlfriend or wife is in a western style bar.

The girls working there have been around the block many times, have had boyfriends, speak better English than most Khmer ladies and will often not be faithful and expect too much from you financially as they have learned over time how to max out earnings from foreigners. The western style bars in Siem Reap are very few and far between. Whenever we have walked by and glanced in we find a few unattractive Khmer females with old and drunk Westerners that should have their eyes checked.

Massage parlors are often where foreigners meet their girlfriends and future wives. Massage for most westerners are low cost, sometimes physically beneficial, relaxing and an opportunity to meet fairly attractive to very attractive ladies. The westerners do not realize that most girls working in massage parlors have a boyfriend or husband.

If you can find a 25-30 year old Khmer girl working at massage that has a child or several children and is available (no husband or boyfriend) then you have started on the path to finding the right girlfriend. If they are under 25 years of age and without a child they are likely too immature and will not be as faithful and someone who is over 25 yr of age with a child or children.

So if you want a Khmer girl as a girlfriend and possibly a wife you have to determine if she is available and if she has a child or children.

The cost of hitting many massage and finding this out will add up but the good thing it will get you relaxed, can be fun and even therapeutic.

The problem you will face if you take this route is that most girls working in massage work very long hours with only 1-2 days off per month. If you want to meet them for dinner and outings and get to know them better then be prepared to pay the massage parlor for this privilege. It could vary from a few dollars per day to $20 US dollars per day. If the girl speaks English well it will make things easier for you as to finding out about her but often the girls that speak English well are the ones that have had multiple boyfriends who have covered the cost of English schools.

Moving on to what we believe is the best place to find a Khmer girlfriend or Khmer wife is something few Westerners know of as a source for finding a girlfriend or wife.

Why? Because  they have not seen or experienced this source in Western countries.

We are referring to hostess bars. There are about 30 hostess bars scattered throughout Siem Reap and not a single one is in the downtown area. You can tell hostess bars from the common appearance of two wooden benches where the girls sit at the entrance to the hostess bar.

So about 30 hostess bars in Siem Reap would be our estimate with about 10-12 attractive to very attractive ladies at each hostess bar. Three hundred to three hundred and sixty attractive Khmer ladies and we cannot seeing any foreigners in the hostess bars we have visited.

Where to Find Cambodian GF/W

Siem Reap girlfriends but you have to know where to look, how to cut back on spending and how to find right one.

Khmer men like hostess bars as the girls are pretty, nice selection, they speak Khmer, and the bar normally has a large screen tv with music or movies/sports, most have a karaoke section, it is comfortable, relaxing, fairly private to very private seating for up to 8 in an outdoor room.

When I first visited a hostess bar I was concerned that the prices would be very high as I read about karaoke places on the internet and how they could cost westerners hundreds of dollars.

But when I visited and tried one out for the first time I had to ask the prices and discovered that they were not reasonable but downright cheap. A spy wine cooler that cost $1.00 to $1.10 at a local store would cost me only $1.50 at the hostess bar (almost all hostess bars charge the same price for refreshments) and that comes with glass and ice. You can pick a lady when you first enter or they can bring several to your table if you are interested in female company.

Keep in mind that the girls work on a commission. For every drink you have they will often have one and they often order snacks so that they can earn some commission. When you ask the cost of these lovely companions you are often told that you pay them what you want or they will quote a price like $1.50 for the entire stay at the hostess bar. Now that is downright cheap for lovely company.

For Westerners they do not know of the hostess bars and if they did stumble into one they would not be able to communicate with 95% of the hostesses.

Now you can still have some fun and find a way of communicating with the hostesses even if you do not speak Khmer. And with a mobile phone you can translate words or phrases and show the hostess but this is time consuming.

IF you are thinking of trying to find a nice girlfriend or possible wife in a hostess bar then bring a Khmer friend (male) with you or your touk touk driver. They can take photos of the girls you have selected and try to get their personal information and mobile numbers. And often the girls are ok with giving out information about themselves.

To increase the odds of finding a nice Khmer girl at a hostess bar we do the following:

-          Select the girl(s) yourself on entry into the hostess bar

-          Select a girl that has little or no jewelry, limited makeup


And after you have selected one or more ladies get your friend or touk touk driver to find out where they are from, if they have a boyfriend or husband (they will probably say they have neither) and after you both loosen up and have a drink see if you can get a photo of you and her and if you can get her mobile no.


We would estimate that half of the girls will go out with customers be it non sexual or sexual outing.


And the reasons that is the by far the best way to find a nice Khmer girlfriend is that the girls start working at about 6 pm and work to about 1:30 am which makes them available for lunch or early dinner, or movie or other from late morning to about 4-5 pm. They will be available for you to go out together while the massage girl will start working about 10-11 am and work until 11 pm to 2 am daily.


The girls at hostess bars meet few Westerners as opposed to massage girls who have mostly Westerners as massage clients.


Try to find a hostess girl that is fairly new to the hostess bars and one that is working there because there is nothing better.


Once you go out for dinner, lunch, or outings you may find that she prefers to be with you as opposed to working at the hostess bar where earnings will vary and it could difficult for the girls to earn a reasonable income.


Massage girls earn about $40-50 US a month from the massage place where they work and we have asked many girls and yes, this is the correct amount. They have to earn gratuities to be able to survive.


And we do not know what the hostess girls earn as a salary but we would estimate the same.


IF you want to win over the girl be it massage or hostess you have to show them that you can show them how to lead a happier lifestyle without worrying about making money, and one where they have time to visit family, time to raise their child(ren) and have fun with a Western boyfriend or eventually a husband.


Keep in mind that if you are a Westerner and over 50 years of age that you are not allowed to marry Khmer ladies. Not a legally binding wedding anyways.

Important to have someone to share your life with when you retire and are single in SE Asia. In Siem Reap, Cambodia Massage and Hostess Bars are two great ways to relax, meet nice ladies and if you do it right even find a nice girlfriend or wife.


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